About Us

Dubai Gold is the premium perfume of the UAE.
We strive to provide our customers with perfumes and fragrances at the best prices and highest quality, in accordance with the styles used by Europeans, Asians and the whole world.
Dubai Gold fragrances have the scent equivalent to the world's best fragrances at a price of only 20%. Dubai Gold fragrances are made based on natural high-class scents based on the technology of France, Italy, England and Germany, which are the leading countries in the production of scents.

The fragrance of Dubai Gold:

  • Dubai perfume essential oil
  • Dubai Gold perfume spray
  • Dubai Gold perfume in wax form
  • Dubai Gold perfume used in cars and homes.

Popular scent groups:
  • Oriental floral scent
  • Scent of wood
  • Sea scent
  • Fruit scent
  • Musk notes
  • Smell the smoke
  • Mineral stone scent

We hope you find your favorite scent based on the Dubai Gold scent collection.