Dubai Gold Lempicka Perfume Oil

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Dubai Gold Lempicka was created by Annick Menardo and was released in 1997. The fragrance of Dubai Gold Lempicka is likened to a fairy tale. Take the woman back to the fairytale land of a childhood.

The scent of Lempicka is built on the aroma of licorice, glamorous combined with anise and violets. The passionate scent of ivy brings a freshness and optimism. Almonds combine harmoniously with sweet iris and vanilla before blending with elephants and Tonka beans. The main scent of patchouli is quite similar to the scent of Angel perfume, but has been changed to change the scent of the herb blend with iris. This fragrance not only makes the scent lighten the fragrance of the fragrance but also makes the perfume more subtle. When evaporating, the aroma becomes more refreshing and carries a bit of masculinity with vanilla flavor, cardinal grass.

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