Dubai Gold Cherie Perfume Oil

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Dubai Gold introduces a new and charming girl called Dubai Gold Cherie. Dubai Gold Cherie was released in 2014. This fragrance specialist is Nagel. Miss Dior Cherie is categorized as fruity group - chypre.
Dubai Gold Cherie starts with a sweet scent of strawberry and a faint aroma of tangerine; The general impression is similar to strawberry ice cream-apple rather than the exquisite wild strawberry ice cream depicted in incense classes. The flavor of sugar has a very light caramel flavor, giving it a warm feeling while retaining the sweetness of the top notes. The scent of grass flowers floated behind the final scent of musk and patchouli, creating a fairly clean feeling. The scent is still sweet and rich in flavor until the end, but it is not an overly fragrant fragrance.

The bottle design is similar to one of Dubai Gold perfume bottles in 1947.
Dubai Gold Cherie by Dubai Gold Perfume brings a luxurious, feminine style to your evening. This perfume allows you to discover confidence hidden inside. Use a little on your neck before going out at night with friends and enjoy the energy boom and excitement that scent brings.

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