Aquarius Dubai Gold Eau de Parfum Spray 30ml

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The Aquarius perfume of Dubai Gold is a perfume belonging to the perfume - fragrance family, which brings a sense of excitement and freshness. The pure aroma of tangerine and lemon leaf essential oil blends with amber to arouse the fresh aroma of fresh Mediterranean breath, suitable for the gentlemen with a strong, liberal spirit. and like new things. The fragrance was launched in 2002

Dubai Gold Aqua perfume also possesses the taste of the sea that leads us lost in the vast, vast and mysterious sea emphasizing the delicate and masculine beauty of men. Dubai Gold Aquarius starts with the pure fragrance of lemon leaf essential oil to bring the feeling of freshness and comfort to the extreme. The heart of magic is reminiscent of a deep ocean, where the sun cannot reach the top of Posidonia Oceanica. Base notes are strong and intense with amber and woody notes.

Aquarius is absolutely an excellent choice for work, dating, or even for summer events.

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