The Blue Dubai Gold Eau de Parfume Spray

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The Blue, modeled after the legendary scent - Chanel Blue, is the Channel's new fragrance, designed by Jacques Polge. Chanel identified that the fragrant wood flavor is the main point of making Bleu de Chanel, hidden inside is the taste of the sea, sports style. In particular, the natural flavor of the sea will become more pronounced when perfume is used regularly.

In Blue, the first layer of incense and the middle notes are intertwined, this layer of incense interleaves another flavor layer to create a colorful and exciting flavor. The cool mint flavor leads to grapefruit flavor, mixed with peppermint leaf oil to create a golden oily essence. Crushed nutmeg aroma mixed with faint pink pepper on the surface of ginger. The best thing about Bleu de Chanel is that it is Polge's understanding of how to mix ingredients, with his ability, he creates this colorful flavor that repeats all of Bleu de Chanel's bottles. . Starting with the passionate aroma of Bergamot and grapefruit, blended with the fresh aroma of mint leaves, bringing a refreshing coolness. When the top notes fade, the perfume will become more and more attractive with the sensual and warm scent of the seed and ginger. The pepper pool blends with the gentle aroma of the grass and the fragrance of flowers makes the scent become warm and pleasant. Although it also evokes the taste of the variables and sports activities, Bleu de Chanel is the perfect combination of the best, most suitable, and more classy flavors than the average sports perfumes. on the market today.

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